Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fruit Cake or Sponge Cake?

So many brides these day's are opting for cake creations sculpted from sponge and decorated in all sorts of shapes and sizes from chocolate towers to cupcakes and even cheeseboards.

Putting the more adventurous creations aside, the happy couple are often left with the basic choice of what the tiers of cake should consist of Sponge (various flavours) or Fruit.  The initial choice and reaction by most couples is full sponge stating "I really don't like sponge", however, you are not eating the whole cake by yourself so my suggestion would be to carefully consider the type of guest you are inviting.

I attended two weddings last month both with a similar mix of guest from early 20's to elderly relatives.  1 wedding opted for a 1 tier fruit and 2 tiers sponge (Wedding A) and the other 3 tiers sponge (Wedding B).  At both the wedding the cakes were delicious, however, I did spot 1 glaring difference.  There was loads of sponge left at the end of Wedding B, but hardly any cake left at Wedding A!

Being the sad individual I am (and the fact I was the sober driver!!) I asked a several of people did they enjoy the cake?  and the general consensus from the elder generation of Wedding B was they would like to have seen a fruit cake as they don't get it very often nowadays and it's a real treat so maybe that's could have been why they had to put so much in the bin.

Also it is worth bearing in mind that Fruit Cake keeps much longer than sponge so you could potentially get the bridal party to dish out the left overs for some special guests to take home.

I appreciate that this is only a small section of market research but I worry we are forgetting what's important at our weddings is not only to organise an event to be proud of but to treat those who are nearest and dearest to us.

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