Monday, 6 September 2010

When to send out the invitations

Many brides often ask when is the correct time to send out your invitations and when to set the RSVP date.

Traditionally the dates are as follows...
  • Save the Date - 1 year before
  • Formal Invitation - 8 weeks before
  • RSVP date - 3 weeks prior
These dates should, however, be used as a guide as appose to being absolute and set in stone.  You need to sit down and work out what is important for you and your venue.

My recommendations are more like..
  • Save the Date - As tradition, 1 year before
  • Formal Invitation - 10 weeks before (12 weeks if it's a very short engagement).  This allows people time to plan and request holiday's if necessary
  • RSVP date - 6 weeks before.  This allows the guest a few weeks to get organised and  you to accurately budget the meal and comfortably order favours and place cards for the correct number of people which in this economy is essential.  It also allows you plenty of time to chase the inevitable non-responses that we all dread.
Happy planning and remember, if you need any more advice please contact me.