Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Black and Pink Inspiration

Inspired by one of my clients wedding I have put together a montage of all things monocrome and pink.

All items supplied or crafted by i-craft -

Wedding Cakes

Sumptious towering cakes are back in fashion. This one is made from 6 tiers of decadent sponge and topped with feathers and handcrafted sugared roses.


Vintage, Decadance or Floral Inspiration will give you initial sneak peak on what's to come.

It is becoming harder to come up with original keepsakes to gift as favours.  Why not consider giving bottle openers as this will be used for many years to come and your wedding memories will stay alive.

Mini Cupcake Canapes

 On arrival at your wedding why not present your guests with mini cupcakes canapes flavoured with strawberries and dark chocolate to co-ordinate your theme?

Purcahse paper napkins in pink and black and ask your venue to fold them into the traditional white linen fan napkin.